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Welcome to the world of Massimo

Since 1980 Massimo's creations have been chosen by celebrated customers around the world, royalty, film directors and art galleries. He has been acknowledged among the 108 contemporary designers by Olivier Dupon in "The new Jewelers" publication (Thames and Hudson), the red carpet for the new jewelers' generation.
Foto Massimo Izzo Seduto con Pezzo unico con acqua marina
Foto massimo Izzo gioielliere sopra una macchina con espressione seria. Natura con vento

Inspiration from Nature

Nature in its entirety has inspired my art, ever since the curiosity of a child was born in me. The marine universe, the thousand-year-old Sicilian olive trees, the flavor of our fruits.

Ragazza che indossa gioiello pezzo unico di Massimo Izzo gioielli con cavalluccio marino in oro bianco 18kt e diamanti, tentacoli in oro giallo 18kt e diamanti e pietra acqua marina. Collezione cut no cut
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"Cut not cut" collection
Cut non cut collection yellow 18kt gold ring, acquamarine, brilliant cut diamonds
Massimo Izzo gioielliere in antica grecia. Gioielli anelli di massimo 18kt con corallo nelle sue mani

Inspiration from History

The history of our world, the great minds of the past, act as a guide. From architectural styles to the brushstrokes of the great Caravaggio, they fuel my desire to create, influencing me with their passage.

Rock Dream Medusa

Immagine Medusa Medusa massimo izzo in oro giallo e nero con diamanti oro 18kt


Every creation is born from the deep dialogue between me and my workshop. In this sacred space, hands and mind merge to shape raw material into unique works, entirely handmade.

In all of Massimo Izzo’s gargantuan creations, the sheer abundance of luxurious, organica forms effortlessly emulate the chaos and exubernce of nature; so much that Massimo evidently is the standard bearer for contemporary baroque jewelery.

Olivier Dupon